Rather than tell you what we can do, it makes more sense if you can see what we do. With that in mind you can see some examples of our work shown below with an explanation of what was involved and what we did.

Lincoln City FC


This solution for player management was created using .NET technology via multiple secure locations with data spread across for added security. A digital certificate was used to ensure the data stayed secure and the system was hidden from search engines.

Manufacturing Company


This solution came about as a result of an observation via a site visit. The company were using a combination of Excel, Access and Sage to store records and information on customers and work carried out. Using our software solution, we created a system which now holds all of this information and more. New jobs are imported from Sage, repair work is entered and stored, completed work entered and stored along with all customer information.

The user interface is clear, uncluttered and precise – exactly as the client required. This is an on-going project with a calendar and mobile solution in progress.

Removals/Storage Company


The requirement for this solution was in answer to a modernisation requirement. The client was still using a clipboard and manually creating cube lists and quotes. The system we created allows the client to enter the data once, then create cube lists, quotes, invoices and other documentation based on client details. Simplified and streamlined. The client now spends time doing the job they have rather than completing paperwork!