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How Can FileMaker Help You?

If you find you regularly open say a spreadsheet and a database (or any types of file) just to find and store information, there's an easier way. Save yourself time and money by combining both into one simple system. All your data in one place, how much easier would that be?

We have created systems that can generate periodic invoices, manage complex calculations and manage large amounts of data. Generate job and work sheets for engineers as and when required, and so much more!
FileMaker system

data cleaning

Data cleaning

What is 'dirty data' and how to change it

When you look at your information, do you see Ltd, Limited, St and Street along with multiple entries for cities and counties with incorrect spelling? That's dirty data! It slows you down and yields incomplete results when you look for information

The easiest way is to clean your data. This is called 'normalisation' and involves making sure all info is correct and uniform.

Get in touch and we'll tell you how we can help

slow data

Feel like you're wasting too much time looking for information?

info incorrect

Info missing in your system or is it just in the wrong place? 

slow systems

Clicking a button and waiting for something, anything to happen?

multiple files

Are you opening a spreadsheet and database regularly?

sending invoices

Spending hours generating and printing invoices and repeating the info too?

losing info

Can't find a client or product info that you know is somewhere in your system?

need help

Need some help with an IT problem but it isn't a major issue?

got a question

Need to discuss a future IT plan and get clear, impartial advice?
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