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Services we provide

We offer various services to keep your business ahead of the game and provide the means to do what you already do, only better.

Data Management

Using Claris FileMaker software we simplify your data

As it stands, you have multiple sources of information within your company and are using combinations of those to get done. what you need to get done. Why? Surely it’s simpler to have a central hub for all your information and and easy-to-use method of doing that.

Centralised information source

Easy-to-use front end

Custom reports and information output as needed

Web Creation

A modern, responsive and effective web creation service

Whether you already have a web presence and need an improvement or you need to put something in place for your business and don’t know where to start, we are the people who can help you.

No jargon or tech-speak. Simple answers to complex questions, let us help you achieve your goals

Modern, fresh designs to show the world what you do

Fast-loading and effective across all devices

You know what you do, now show the world!

IT Management

Computer systems can be complicated, you don’t want to be stranded when they break down

IT systems are generally pretty reliable, but that is due to the ongoing care and maintenance they receive over time. As they say, prevention is better than a cure, good advice to follow!

Managed systems on/off site

Preventative action to help avoid costly down-time

System appraisal to build a picture of what and where

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